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Conferences (selection)


Let them eat cake! @ ACM Creativity & Cognition (Singapore, SG)

Digital Data Funerals @ The Digital Everyday: Exploration or Alienation? Conference: King’s College London (London, UK)


Erasure and the Datafied Self @ Second International Death Online Research Symposium: Kingston University (London, UK)


Speedshow 2.0 Hong Kong @ Cultural Transformations, Technology and Urban Development Roundtable Symposium: Aarhus University (Aarhus, DK)


Tassophonics: Nanotechnology and the magical unknown in Haptic Interface panel @ HCI International Conference (Las Vegas, US)


Don’t Anthropomorpise Me: Electronic Performance Tools, Automatons & The Vanity Apocalypse panel @ ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) (Istanbul, TR)


Haunted profiles; social networking sites and the crisis of death @ Re:live Media Art Histories Conference (Melbourne, AUS)


Mediated mourning rituals and the cultural acceptance of death @ Specters, Hauntings & Archives Conference: University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, NL) & All Souls Conference : Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (Amsterdam, NL)

Led Workshops (selection)


Landscape Leakage @ LCC - MA Graphic Media Design (UAL) (London, UK)


Goodnight Sweetheart @ Victoria and Albert Museum in the context of the Friday Late programme (London, UK)

Posthumans n postburials @ University of the Arts London (UAL) in the context of the Access Through Tools festival (London, UK)


Datenspiel (Roger 10-4) @ Hybrid City Biennial (Athens, GR)

Haptic Interfaces @ ShenZhen Mini Maker Faire (Shenzhen, CN)


Körperspule (Roger 10-4) @ Museums Quartier (Vienna, AT)

Telematic Broadcasting Tools & Scenarios in LiveArt @ 24HR Art-NT Centre for Contemporary Art (Darwin, AU)


Electromagnetic cityscape (Roger 10-4) @ Piksel11 (Bergen, NO)

Liwoli do you copy? (Roger 10-4) @ Liwoli 2011 (Linz, AT)


Intimacy over Distance (with Nancy Mauro-Flude) @ Israeli Center for Digital Art (Tel Aviv, IL)


Whispers from the Garden (with Stefanie Wuschitz) @ OKNO (Brussels, BE)

Worn Out Pixels and Sounds (with Kristina Andersen) @ Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam, NL)


RFID [workshop facilitator] @ Mediamatic/Picnic’07 (Amsterdam, NL)

ProToytyping (with Danja Vasiliev) @ Crosslab/Willem de Kooning Academie (Rotterdam, NL)

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